Our Vision

Our Vision

During our vast experience caring for children in various parts of the world, it was clear there is a need for a trusted site to give parents the right advice related to medical care, education and places to take children to.

We have affiliation with Somerset Children Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City.

other clinics and centers who might be just as good are being looked into now and will be advertised at a later stage.

In our view, it has been long awaited to have a place that can offer comprehensive child care, including medical, educational and fun places to be in for various age groups. a service that is ethical, honest, and transparent. A service that involves parents, support them along their journey with their child during these precious years. We care to build long term friends not only patients’ files.

Our Values

Our Values mirrored in Somerset clinics Values

  • Highly ethical practice you can TRUST
  • Excellent teamwork
  • Up to date knowledge